KeryFlex After Care Recommendations For The Patient

For optimal results, please follow the directions below:

  1. Do not cut or clip a KeryFlex restored nail. Use only a nail le at the tip of the nail to maintain a normal nail length.
  2. Cracking or chipping at the tip of a KeryFlex nail may occur 2 or 3 weeks after initial application and is considered normal wear and tear. This may be due to friction against your shoes and the growth of natural nail. File down any cracks or chips. If you are a runner, dancer or go to the gym daily, let your podiatrist know. Running and other athletic activity may shorten the time your KeryFlex nail will last.
  3. If you are planning to use a topical antifungal product after a KeryFlex procedure, place it around the edges of the nail and on the cuticles. Do not apply it directly to the surface of the nail. Do not use topical antifungal products within 2 days of your next KeryFlex application. You may however spray shoes with antifungal sprays or use an ultraviolet light shoe sanitizer daily.
  4. If lifting of the KeryFlex nail is going to occur, it will typically occur within the first 3 days of application. Lifting will occur and is to be expected when a very small natural nail segment is present. If there is only 15% of natural nail left to attach to a KeryFlex nail, you will likely need to return in 3 to 4 weeks to have a new KeryFlex application. KeryFlex will NOT fully adhere to the nail bed if there is no natural nail present. Doing so does NOT guarantee proper adherence. However, this may still be an attractive option for special short term needs, such as a party or vacation.
  5. Usual KeryFlex reapplication should be 6-8 weeks after the initial application. However, each patient is unique and follow-up depends upon how fast your nails grow and your level of physical activity.



The Onyfix® Nail Correction System is a revolutionary new product for the treatment of ingrown and involuted nails. Your foot specialist will apply this customized system onto the affected nail, which then corrects the shape over time through natural nail growth. The system is completely painless to apply and to wear!

Painless application process
Non-invasive — no needles or surgery
Provides immediate, lasting pain relief
Corrects the nail shape through natural nail growth 0 Evidence-based studies proving efficacy
No restrictions on activities (swimming, sauna, nail polish, etc.)
Suitable for all, including children, high-risk clients and those with diabetes